A halogenerator is a device that during a Halotherapy (salt therapy) session consistently produces salt aerosols at dimensions and concentration that are required for therapeutic levels. It is a computer controlled piece of equipment that provides a safe, effective, form of dry salt therapy. There are some salt caves and salt rooms set up without halogenerators – without a halogenerator, there is no halotherapy (salt therapy). Salt rooms may require adjustments to the HVAC systems when installing a halogenerator in order to provide effective salt therapy and protect salt room environment from corrosive properties of sodium chloride.

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Types of Halogenerators based on placement

1. Fixed Halogenerators
Are installed on the outside wall of the salt room regardless of salt room size – until
recently were the dominant market segment .This type of halogenerator makes balancing HVAC/ventilation more difficult because the halogenerator installed outside the room brings an extra volume of air inside the salt room during the session and also needs extra air intake inside the mechanical room where it is installed. Also having a dedicated room for a halogenerator only may be inconvenient in a commercial setting. This type of halogenerator requires installation only on certain walls of the salt room in correlation with proposed exhaust vents and existing HVAC vents. Another inconvenience is that the device can be installed only in a fixed position on the wall with no possibility to be moved/turned etc. Basically the entire design of a salt room (HVAC adaptations, exhaust ventilation, mechanical room for halogenerator, chairs placement, entry door, etc) is being done having as central point the halogenerator placement, thus limiting seriously every project options and increasing substantially the entire cost of building a salt room. The main advantage is that fixed halogenerators can be built to satisfy halotherapy requirements for big size salt rooms/caves – up to 500sqf.

Principles of operation

1) The dispenser works in programmed time intervals and drops small amounts of salt from the salt tank down to the grinder.
2) Grinder breaks salt grains to salt dust particles of various sub micron sizes
3) Air flow pulls small and light salt particles from the grinder and blows them out.
4) Output airflow containing salt particles hits the deflector plate. Coarse and heavy salt particles are not able to follow sudden change of airflow, they hit the deflector plate and drop down. Fine and light particles can follow the airflow, pass the deflector plate and get inside the salt room.
5) It is assumed that the device is mounted outside the salt room, with patient being

2. Mobile Halogenerators
Became the most popular option in the last years due to technological innovations but also since COVID19 restrictions imposed that only private salt therapy sessions or small groups/family sessions are allowed – it means that salt therapy facilities will best perform when few smaller salt therapy rooms are installed instead of one big salt room.

Advantages of mobile halogenerators:

  • Have capability to be installed inside the salt room and could be moved if necessary
  • Are easily adjustable, can be moved/turned based on room configuration, maximizing salt aerosol distribution inside the salt room
  • Are virtually silent – comfort for clients
  • Are designed and built so its can function in a salt aerosols environment
  • Require minimum effort for installation and maintenance
  • Require minimal work in HVAC/ventilation since it reuse only the air existent inside salt room – no extra air required
  • Capable to deliver Halotherapy more uniformly in salt rooms up to 180 SQF size
  • Much lower prices than fixed halogenerators – as a comparison for the same room
    size and design – the room installed with mobile halogenerator could bring savings of up to $9000 compared with the same room having installed a fixed halogenerator (difference in price of device, build a mechanical room, installation cost, HVAC changes, etc)

The biggest disadvantage of a mobile halogenerator is that it can only serve smaller size salt rooms.

We believe that the future in Halogenerators technology belongs to MOBILE HALOGENERATORS – here are most of our resources focused on with great success so far.


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